Mixed Reality Research

Mixed Reality Filming Day 1

Mixed Reality Research For Filming

The past couple of weeks we’ve been getting up to speed with our latest VR kit. We’re continuing to ‘tinker’ with this emerging technology to see both how it can beneift our work as well as open up new Mixed Reality Research filming opportunities. The past day or so we’ve started putting our efforts ( between the paid jobs) in to mixed reality research.

We’re using the HTC Vive VR headset with its room scale tracking and the Unity Game Engine. Unity is ideal for our mixed reality setup as it’s the first leading engine to be supported with the official SteamVR plugin which supports external cameras. Unreal engine should be getting the same support soon and then open up mixed reality filing opportunities there as well.

Mixed Reality Filming VR

Here’s a still of our filming setup as we move into our end our first week of mixed reality research and filming.

I’ll go over our setup in another video but for the mean time here’s ohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maODJkAwqMIur day 1 mini test edit of our mixed reality research and filming.

Next week we’ll be able to fully track the positon of the real world camera which will allow us to move around both the artist and their paintings (or other VR environments).

We’ve now had more success and you can see the rest of our mixed reality research videos here.