How to use animation in your B2B content marketing strategy

B2b Animation in content marketing strategy

Top-quality content in your B2B marketing has proven to harvest astonishing results and companies the world over are reaping the benefits. What’s more, the results are long-term and are seen in direct sales and leads. It’s no secret the B2B market is evolving as fast as technology is advancing. New tactics are gaining momentum, particularly the use of animated videos. … Read More

Animation Video Marketing Stats – 2020 Survey Report

Business animation video marketing stats survey image

PLUS free video marketing stats PDF download After much analysis and data interpretation, we are pleased to bring you the Stormy Studio business animation video marketing stats – 2020 Survey report. We asked 50 businesses across varying sectors of industry, a selection of questions about business animation. The primary aim of the questionnaire was to get an idea of how … Read More