How to use animation in your B2B content marketing strategy

B2b Animation in content marketing strategy

How to use animation in your B2B content marketing strategy

Top-quality content in your B2B marketing has proven to harvest astonishing results and companies the world over are reaping the benefits. What's more, the results are long-term and are seen in direct sales and leads.

It's no secret the B2B market is evolving as fast as technology is advancing. New tactics are gaining momentum, particularly the use of animated videos. Marketers are realising the numbers that b2b animation bring are impressive.

But knowing a strategy works and getting it to work for you are two very different things. So in the name of good will, we have put together this 'How to use animation in your B2B content marketing strategy'

How to use B2b animation your content marketing strategy

Why a B2B animation?

Today's average-Joe is audio visually-minded. According to Forbes magazine, 59% of managers prefer to watch a video rather than read documentation. Also, more than half of all media traffic is related to watching video content.

So it's a no-brainer, using animation for your company is a logical choice. In just one minute, animation clarifies and engages so the viewer understands exactly how your product or service works. Demonstrating how your business differs from the competitor, in a way that is easy to remember and attractive, 

How to use animation for your B2B marketing...

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Every company nowadays wants eye-catching and impressive content that explains its service or product. And the great thing about animation is it's versatility. There are no end of types, sizes and styles. Below we tell you how to use animation in your B2B content marketing strategy.

Keep the persona in mind

Selling B2B has clear differences from selling to B2C when using animation. But either way, remember that you are communicating with people. In addition, worrying about aspects like format, length, editing techniques and tools can easily distract you from the persona.

Your persona must be the north of the content strategy. Before taking any steps in creating the materials, think about your persona.

Build an emotional connection

The best thing about animation is that it can connect and communicate with any demographic. The only way to bring that human touch to your B2B animation videos is through the use of  characters.

Characters resonate on an emotional level, can envoke empathy and nostalgia.  Emotional connection is very important since the majority of people only pay heed to that which strikes a chord in them.

Use memorable characters

Characters can play a big role in animation. Using colours and characters that are easy to remain in memory will leave an impact. Depictions are possible, so you can rejoice your interests and create a production that is easy to remember.

Materials that support your audiences, such as infographics in the forms of graphs and charts, can also be shown with impressive movements. So your animation can be persuasive while inspiring your viewers' curiosity.

Make it easy to understand

Things that are difficult to understand and express in live-action are best explained using animation. By cutting off the unnecessary information and focusing only on the essential points, you can create animations that are simple and intuitive.

Depending on the content, the animation will be more appealing than a video produced by shooting live-action. Also, the entertainment nature of animations increases the likelihood that viewers will be able to watch with interest until the end.

Solve problems

What substantive content do you place in B2B? A crucial question, on which it is best to set a clear line when writing the script. In animation, B2B content can be very hands-on. Bringing content that benefits your audience.

Ultimately, people will buy your product because they believe you can solve their problem. One strategy is not to present your product yet, but to provide elements in the video with which you build up anticipation and prove that you can help. Your animation video is therefore customer-oriented but does not fall into self-promotion.

Be persuasive from start to finish

In the end, it all comes down to results. Your animation can be great, but it needs to help generate engagement, leads and sales. To ensure that this happens, be persuasive from start to finish, from the title to the call-to-action.

Every little detail will help to convince your persona. Producing animation for B2B marketing is a challenge. Corporate customers tend to be more demanding in terms of quality and attention to detail.

'B2B Animation is so effective!'

An animation can be used in a truck-load of different ways.

You can use it to inform customers and prospects about a new product or service. On the other hand, it is possible to gather leads. This is because the animation explains in an attractive way what you are all about. If the animation is also distributed via social channels, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, you can rake in potential customers by following the likes, shares and comments.

If you are not fully convinced with the power of animation in content marketing strategy, consider these points:

• 57% of B2B marketers consider video as the most effective marketing tool

• 59% of executives prefer watching videos than reading text

• 64% of users will likely buy a product online after watching a video.

• 92% of people using mobile will share your videos to others

• 46% of people take action after watching a video ad

• 65% of companies use videos to promote their product and services

• 80% of companies use video to increase their brand awareness and engagement

So there you go, it is evident that the use of animation is the way to go. When creating a piece of marketing content next time, give animated videos a try. They are highly effective for your prospects and customers.


Animation videos come in all different shapes and sizes. Therefore choose an animation style that suits your company and your target group. A good animator, animation company or advertising agency knows this.

That is why we at Stormy Studio always work with you to create an animation style that best suits you and your business.

We research the company, the target group, determine the purpose of the animation video and always communicate this back to your customer. That way, you always have a unique animation aimed at your company.

Get in contact via the form below, to discuss your project, get a quote or even just to pick our brains.

We're always on the look out for new and exciting business to business video projects for our team to work their magic on.

B2b animation for content marketing strategies
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