Top 5 tips to making a corporate marketing video

Top 5 tips when making a corporate marketing video


It can be tempting to squeeze in a tonne information when making a video especially if its the first or potentially only one you’ll be producing. In our experience it really pays to pin down exactly who your making the corporate video for and what few key messages above all else you’d like your audience to go away with.

You can then build your script up knowing whether the video can use technical wording or simple imagery to explain tough subject. Plus you’ll know which subjects to concentrate on.

For example in the case of ‘The cloud’ and ‘data technology’ if your target audience are those that head up and run server systems you should use some technical wording when discussing networking techniques and find a balance between clear and technically accurate language. If the target customer is someone with less technical know how but may still be the one to purchase or instruct the purchase of your product or service you should consider simplifying the language and rely on strong visual design to explain complex subjects.

If it’s to simply showcase a service or product there’s little point going into detail on how a process will work instead it may make more sense to simply promote the benefits.


A web video audience are a flighty bunch so a perfectly written script is key to making sure you engage with your audience and deliver the needed messages. A production studio will often work with you to create a script and let you know if they think sections of your script should be removed or reworked. Once a production company like Stormy Studio understand your video needs and company products or service clearly they can also produce original scripts from the ground up, or put you in contact with a professional script writer.


Professional animation and filmed video can impress but a great creative can go viral and reach an audience of millions.

Not all videos lend themselves to viral success, however if the businesses product or corporate marketing video is going to be shared on social media websites and video sites like YouTube, Vimeo or Vine then there’s every reason to try and reach a mass audience.

A production studio will work with you to ensure your creative is suitable to your target audience, product and brand and where possible provide a unique and memorable creative.

Whether your product is truly cutting edge and exciting or the script can have a comical edge there’s every reason to work up a creative and script with a real eye on viral success.


A well chosen voiceover artist can impact the final result. Whether it needs to be understanding and sincere, gravelly and powerful, bright and modern, or bold and corporate… There’s an artist out there to suit your needed corporate video style and company brand.

A good production company will be able to provide an in house voiceover option that can be used for early draft versions of a video edit to perfect timing and help with the review process as the animated or filmed video comes together.

Then at a later stage when the video is 90% complete the final professional voiceover recording can be arranged. It’s certainly worth making sure your script is 100% approved, as any amendments can carry a full recording price as it often means getting the same artist back into the recording booth.

Stormy Studio include a (semi-professional) in house voiceover recording using our own studio setup in all our project costs. We can also add one of your own if you can provide the audio file.

Others like us can recommend professional voiceover artists and provide samples for review. These would carry a varying extra cost depending on the talent chosen. Our regular artists allow for a number of small script tweaks after the main recording and can adapt their voiceover delivery as required.


The right corporate video production company when paired with the right client should be able to create some fantastic results. They should be able to understand your brand and work within your budget whilst giving you options at an early stage of production should you be interested in stretching your budget to achieve greater business marketing success.

If you choose the wrong corporate video production studio you could very quickly turn a potentially great business process into a business headache. If they fail to understand your brief and brand or under deliver at every stage of production it could soon become a battle of wills to see the project through to completion.

It’s worth ensuring everyone is on the same page as soon as feasibly possible.

Through video project discussion, early storyboards, exchanging of examples videos (from both the client and the video production studio) it should soon become evident whether:

a). the video production or animation studio is able to deliver the product to the needed standard.
b). the video production studio thinks the clients budget is sufficient for the expected outcome.
c). the client and video production company can build a rapport and work well together.
d). the video production company can meet the projects overall deadline and any agreed production milestones.

There are now so many good looking corporate video production companies to choose from it can be near to impossible to honestly find a way to pin down which one will provide a professional service, most have great showreels and are able to provide examples of their work similar to the quality they can deliver for your business marketing budget.

• Here’s a little bonus… A Typical Production Process:


– Receive the full brief & discuss the design.
– Mock up some initial stills for style review
– Storyboard and script the video.
– Arrange filming locations, cast and crew. (*if required)
– Source stock footage. (*if required, with a sign off process)
– Create/receive any needed 2D/3D assets
– Begin 2D/3D animation.
– Create video edit
– Update you as it comes together, amending as we go.
– Add an in house voiceover if required. (Professional voiceovers are available at an extra cost)
– Add sound effects
– Add music
– 2 rounds of amends, (plus review of assets prior to animation).

I’m the Creative Director and one of the lead animators at Stormy Studio a Creative video and animation design studio in the South West of England.

After 10 years working for a successful production studio in London creating promotional videos for the likes of British Telecom, Halfords, Cisco, J.P.Morgan, Harrods and a thousand others. I now head up a small team at our animation and marketing video company Stormy Studio.

We really are very good at what we do. We strive to produce exciting and original animation that we can be proud of whether it be 2D, 3D or animation mixed with live action. Our core business is making premium marketing videos as well as impactful animated stings and openers.