Vintage lenses for the BMPCC

BMPCC vintage lenses

We’ve now had our Black Magic Pocket cinema camera (BMPCC) for 5 days. It’s been a real treat to work with and helped fuel a new addiction to source great vintage lenses for the BMPCC lenses to make the most of the film quality camera sensors and design. This does however mean we risk being a little bit too ‘hipster’.

Today a parcel arrived containing 3 great new lenses all for the grand sum of £18.00 (*Along with a stunning old Fujica ST605 stills camera and a few other bits n bobs.)

The lenses included were:

Standard 55mm lens F 2.2 – 6. (I assume the kit lens with the Fujica ST605)
Helios 28-70mm F3.5/3.8
Sunagor 90-210mm F4.0

BMPCC with vintage lenses

All of this should go towards creating some great commercial and corporate marketing videos in the future.

BMPCC vintage lenses

We’ll post some test shots with each of these new vintage lenses later this week.

We’ve also got a couple of great Panasonic prime lenses which we’ve been using these first few days plus we’ve also got a very fancy Panasonic 12-35mm lens on its way. You can see two mini edits we put together using test shots from these lenses. Here’s the first one, a morning month beach ‘Rockpools and seaweed‘ and here’s a fun short edit shot at home ‘Dexter‘.