Why Corporate Video And Animation Production Is Cheaper Outside Of London, UK

It is often said that everything is more expensive in London. Purchasing services in the capital of England can be quite pricey, even when you have done the legwork to find a cheaper option. This is why so many businesses are now looking outside of London for their corporate video and animation production needs. Companies like Stormy Studio just outside of London are now becoming to go-to places for businesses that want to save a little money on their video production. The good news is, even though the potential is there to save a lot of money, it doesn’t mean that you will sacrificing quality at the same time.

Bring Down Overhead Costs

One of the main problems with using corporate video and animation production companies in London is that they tend to have massive overheads. Operating in London can be very expensive, which is why so many businesses are now looking for other places in England in which they can find high quality video production.

Just moving around London in order to film and produce a decent video can be fairly expensive. While it is possible to find everything you will need in England’s capital, in most cases the price is simply not worth it. There are many production companies outside of London that are able to provide all the equipment, locations and expertise necessary in order to make good corporate videos or animations. Again, places like Stormy Studio are becoming a leader for people who do not want to spend loads of money in London but do not want to give up on quality as well.

High Quality Production Outside Of London

It is a very common fallacy that you can only get high quality video and animation production in London. Just because it is the capital of England, people make the assumption that everything there will be better. This is particularly true when it comes to video production companies. Many people think that because they are in London and are so near to some of the biggest production companies in the country that they must be the very best.

This is actually quite far from the truth. Chances are that no matter where you are living in England, you will be able to find a local corporate video and animation production company that is able to handle all the needs you have. Not only that, but they will have all the expert equipment, settings and manpower in order to complete your video to the same quality as a London-based company. It’s even possible that your local producers will be able to produce a better video than any London producer could.

Do not be afraid to shop around in your local area. Chances are, you will find a company that is within your price range and will be able to deliver the high quality video you are looking for. To make it even better, they will probably charge drastically less than a company based in London.