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Award Winning Creativity

Our highly talented animation team include Royal Television Award winner Jon Draper. With recognised talent behind your projects you know your marketing animations & videos will be a real step above your competition. We endeavour to continue raising the bar in creative concept and animation design. We’ll also be looking to submit more of our work for future awards.

Production Process

Our finely tuned production process maximise the potential of your animated marketing video. Ensuring you can feedback throughout & that we deliver a video on time, on budget & above your expectations. We’ll liaise with you at each step: script writing, visual style, storyboarding, sourcing assets, graphic & character design, production review process, sound effects, music design & final delivery.

Original Crafted Content

We stand out from the sea of budget animation studios by offering original creatives & design for every animation we produce. We don’t do cheap repurposed projects but instead choose to create graphics, characters and animation styles that suit the intended audience. This ensures differentiation from your competitor and a style that is current & 100% suited to your target market.

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Professional business marketing creatives, South West England

Editing & Grading

Video editing, colour grading, South West England

Professional Voiceover

Professional voiceover artists, South West England

Script Writing

Script writing for marketing video, South West England

Final Export

animation video file format

Professional Filming

film company, South West England


Storyboarding for animation marketing

2D & 3D design

Animation and Graphic Design South West England

2D & 3D animation

2D and 3D marketing animation South West England

PERFECTED PRODUCTION PROCESS: With years of experience creating marketing animations and videos for the worlds largest and most exciting companies we know what it takes to successfully go from creative concept to final marketing animation or promo video.

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key services provided

We’re available to offer our full creative services, whether its for yourself or for a client of your own. We will work with you to create a selection of original ideas to convey the message and information needed in creative and stylish ways. Creating scripts, storyboards, animatics and more. With a constant eye on the latest technology and animation styles we’re able to make sure your creative treatments are up to date and guarantee impactful and professional results. Delivering orignal pitch’s for your marketing campaigns, online advertising videos, product promos, information videos, event videos, animated idents and so much more.
We will produce storyboards for all our projects as we see it as an important step to create the video you the client are after. We use mixed media to create the storyboards often quickly sketching out ideas, scene progression, camera moves and general look and feel. When creating motion graphic based videos we use Photoshop or After effects to build the basic assets needed for the final animation during the storyboarding process, speeding up the animation production stage further down the line.
At the heart of everything we do is animation, bringing any subject to life using the wide variety of tools and styles at our disposal. It really can be used on any project and mixed with video or be stand alone. Whether it’s for your marketing video, advertising campaign, conference opener, training video or something new as long as its moving pixels we can help. Our award winning team have worked on a wide range of animation style videos. Creating fully rigged 2D and 3D characters inside the latest professional software, or creating hand drawn characters using traditional animation techniques on our trusty light boxes with our favorite 2B pencils. We tend to think of animation and motion graphics being very similar and they generally go hand in hand with each other, mixing icons, text and graphics with animated characters, vehicles and environments. Animation can obviously be used along side live action video whether its a simple animated title for a speaker or a fully 3D world.
We use a mixture of 3D software to make the most exciting impressive videos we can. We create 3D graphics and animation on a daily basis either as stand alone visuals or to mix in with corporate talking head videos, television series and adverts, playful fun motion graphics, advanced camera tracked footage and so much more. We have the talent on board to create any object required from a replica of a new golf club to a fully boned and rigged life like character for use in a childrens animated Tv series or Film. We’ve also got vast experience producing Stereoscopic animation for use with 3D television sets making the latest in video technology available at a price you can hopefully afford.
A real passion of ours which goes side by side with our animation services is Visual FX. Whether it is to be added to an animated scene or mixed in with filmed live action footage. We can work with green screen and blue screen video to key out the background and place your actors in a 3D environment. Add an extra city scape into your filmed footage, explosions, smoke, lens flares, colour grading and so much more. It’s an area of the film and television business we’re all passionate about and know we have the talent on board to deliver top level results. We able to compete with the the UK’s biggest studios all from our South Devon coastal studio location, in Wembury just outside of Plymouth.