7 reasons your business needs an animated video

7 reasons your business needs an animated video

7 reasons your business needs an animated video

Imagine enticing imagery, engaging  animated video content, being enthralled by it's attractive and smart tone only to be jolted back to reality. You're staring mindlessly at someone talking about... oh, you've forgotten. Ask yourself which scenario would you remember?

We have detailed 7 reasons your business needs an animated video and gone a step further to explain why.

It is no secret that our minds favour visual content over any other form of data. Consequently, content types like info-graphics and animated video are used more widely for communicating than any other.


Creating a compelling animated video to deliver a specific message will enhance the effectiveness of the marketing process, enabling you to achieve better results.

However, choosing the type of video can be a difficult decision to make. Some businesses believe that videos that use a person or talking head to deliver information appear more professional. However, the truth may be to the contrary.

Animated video should be your next consideration. Here at Stormy Studio, we have concocted a few reasons why using animated video could propel your marketing stats into the stratosphere:

1. Animated video is engaging

Think back to the cartoon movies you watched when you were young. They were so engaging even your parents used to watch them.

Clever use of colour and movement pulled together to create a spellbinding moment meant that these animated videos were able to break the monotony of content.

Using animated videos enables you to convey more information in a more exciting way rather than using written article content.

Studies have shown that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual information, and the visual content is processed 60,000 times faster than texts.

Herein lies why your business needs an animated video.

2. No creative limitations

Limitations have no place in the world of animation. If you can imagine it, you can create it. And this is one of the best things about animated videos.

There is a freedom which animation offers, allowing you to explore areas that film isn't able to go.

Colour and style are attractive to the human eye, so much so that if you have control over the use of it. Furthermore, you can influence perceptions and enhance the effectiveness of any messages you wish to convey. Powerful stuff!

3. The cost of producing animated videos is effective

One of the biggest challenges facing most companies, especially small ones, is the lack of an adequate budget.

You will hear the majority of marketers say that a limited budget is one of the reasons they opt against a video. However, choosing to commission an animated video can be significantly cheaper than film.

Video recording requires expensive equipment, crew, actors, travel and location costs. Animation can easily compete in terms of return on investment, all you need is a suitable company with experience in the field. 

7 reasons your business needs an animated video

4. You can explain complex things more easily

Capturing what goes through your brain in images is not an easy task. For example, if you want to explain a concept, the first thought is to look for something corresponding, which is already in existence.

Sometimes it just can't be done. But animation, like info-graphics, allows you to explain complex issues in a shorter time.

5. It's easier to make changes to animated video

Amidst the challenges surrounding video production is the need to create and produce more content to keep pace with your business.

If a year ago, you introduced a product and now have decided to change or develop the packaging. As a consequence, your filmed advert would require additional footage or a complete revamp. But an animated video, in most cases, would only require adaptation, implemented in a fraction of the time.

Animated videos make it simpler. All you need to consider is style, a script a story and find an awesome animator to carry out the project. In addition to this, the cost of changes in an animation video is much lower.

7 reasons your business needs an animated video

6. Characters are trustworthy...

7 reasons your business needs an animated video

... and more readily associated with your brand.

Hiring an actor to promote your brand can, somewhat, dilute the message.
Actors are actors and will always be in the eyes of an audience.

On the other hand, creating a character which will forever be linked to your brand and will create recognition which your audience will be able to have faith in.

7. Animated video stays relevant for longer

In general, animation ages better than film or photographs. As a result, the imaginary environments in which they are created do not have a reflection in which the viewer can seek a relationship.

Animations live in a de-contextualised reality, which means that you can use the same video to promote your business for a long time without losing value.


To sum up, using animated video for your business is undoubtedly on the increase and has the power to, directly and indirectly, affect your popularity and progress. This reason alone is what makes the use of animation worthy consideration.

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