7 reasons your business needs an animated video

7 reasons your business needs an animated video

Imagine enticing imagery, engaging  animated video content, being enthralled by it’s attractive and smart tone only to be jolted back to reality. You’re staring mindlessly at someone talking about… oh, you’ve forgotten. Ask yourself which scenario would you remember? We have detailed 7 reasons your business needs an animated video and gone a step further to explain why. It is … Read More

Top tips on writing an animation project proposal

top tips on writing an animation project proposal

Writing an animation project proposal may feel like an insignificant step on the road to creating your fab and engaging video. But it can mean the difference between a good production and an outstanding one. When working with companies like Stormy Studio, It’s essential for them to fully understand what you want so you are both ‘singing from the same hymn … Read More

Small Business Videos. What can make them great

Small business videos Animation studio promo - how can we help your business

Making effective small business videos is now a common marketing exercise carried out by businesses around the world.Where ever you intend on displaying your business videos. Standing out from the competition, engaging an audience and depicting your brand with style is key. Stormy Studio – Animation Studio Introduction and Promo from StormyStudio on Vimeo. Our UK animation studio spent an … Read More

How Animated Explainer Videos Can Generate Leads

How animated explainer videos can generate leads

When you are making an instruction video, it’s hard to know what can really set your apart from your competitors. You want to do something original but you are afraid that if you go too far your instructional video will be too difficult to follow and then you will be stuck in the mud. Fortunately, thanks to companies like Stormy … Read More