Animation Studio News – Vol. 1

Animation Studio News 2020 • Press & Awards • 08/01/20

2020 is off to a cracking start for Stormy Studio... with our first ever animation studio news post, being chock full of cool content.

Winter solstice has been and gone, and we're throwing ourselves into work as business animation is booming.

I sympathise with the echo of deep sighs as we re-calibrate for work following the hectic and heady season that is Christmas and New Year.


Here at Stormy Studio, the atmosphere is buzzing as we set sail into the new decade with intense anticipation, at what's to come. We're continuing to produce outstanding business animation and filmmaking. Plus we're eyeing ever bigger, cooler and creative projects.

Animation studio news - studio photo

Brave new world of regular animation studio vlogging

Stormy Stories Vlog Ep1.

Something new for 2020... 

A new series of short filmed vlogs, covering what's going on at our studio, advice on the business of running an animation studio.

Plus, anything else we can think of that can help other businesses achieve awesome results.

All delivered with a pretty informal, 'thrown together' quality.

Check it out, subscribe and press that 'bell' icon to get notified of new episodes throughout the year.

Why the excitement?

Never before has the corporate industry been so reliant on digital media. We're well placed to bring a truckload of creative ways to deliver useful and engaging animation for all manner of audiences.

Plus from an animation business side, we've started the year off with a wealth of awesome PR, marketing and business wins. Plus another talented team member has joined the fold.

Here are few snippets of animation studio news that have been adding fuel to the fire this week.

• Stormy Stories

Animation Studio News, Jon striking a pose on a shoot for the Times

Great bit of exposure in The Times

The Times, no less...

Our very own creative director and founder was interviewed by the Times just before Christmas.

He must've woo'ed them with his beard and witticism because last week he was featured in a double-page spread in the business section.

Well done Jon, what really melted our hearts was the fact that both his kids took the article to school where upon they were able to do a show-and-tell, mega proud of their dad.

You can find out more about the article here. Published on the 6th of January 2020.

New marketing assistant joins the animation studio

Marketeer of Awesome'ness

We welcome into our team Lou Bonney, our new marketing and production assistant. Lou has been working with us on and off for the past year, helping with copywriting, storyboarding and enquries.

She's now become part of the brood and needless to say we are 'totally stoked'. Lou has a penchant for digital media and a background in graphic design, coupled with her light-hearted approach we think we've found a little gem.

Keep your eye out for her animation studio news on social media and of course, contact her with any enquiries.

Animation studio news - AVA Digital Award Winners.

Motion Graphic Award Winners

AVA Digital have crowned us as winners of in the Motion Graphics category which we are proud to announce. The platinum award winning piece of explainer animation was produced for Bristol Energy and can be viewed here. 

They are sponsored and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, an international organisation who are adept at recognising progressive work within the industry.

Another feather in our cap which serves to place us in the category headed 'world-class animators'

 New animation pricing estimator

Stormy Animation Price Estimator...

Our go to developer is busy at work, creating an industry first for our studio's site. His coding skills are second to none!

We're creating a quick, clear animation pricing estimator.

The aim is to have a tool that's useful for our site visitors to gauge quickly what sort of budget they can expect for a project with varying lengths, complexities and deadlines.

We (well... 'team geek') are just finalising the algorithms that create the bespoke totals and then we're good to go live.

• Production Pipeline

Animation Studio News - Malaria animation still

Malaria Charity Animation Project

One of our current projects under construction is a charity animated video for the Malaria Consortium, highlighting the treatments and facilities available to pregnant women in sub-saharan Africa.

The video aims to raise awareness, target officials and indirectly raise funding for the charity.

We're mixing both frame-by-frame character animation with some stunning stylised 3D scenes. Plus some sections are made up of stills and video content.

Animation studio news - Solar explainer animation

Energy Explainer Animation Underway

Another project which is chugging along nicely is the animated explainer video for a large Saudi based energy company.

They have commissioned a polished 2d motion graphic to detail how solar panels work.

We have merged the science with clear visuals ensuring straight-forward interpretation for its audience. Technical is what we do best.

Stormys First Web Design Project...

Our first foray into webdesign is underway (*outside of our own site).

Whilst it's not something we intend on doing a great deal of.

In this instance, we found ourselves saying 'yes'.

We love working with this client and have built up a great working rapport over the years.

So... watch this space, as soon we'll be taking the wrapping of this on going developer project.

Stormys first web design project

• That's a wrap

That's it for our first ever issue of Stormy's animation studio news. We'll aiming to get into the habit of near weekly posts of a similar nature.

Please do let us know what other animation studio insights you'd like to know about.

Check out our UK Animation Studios work. 

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