Animation Studio win 2020 AVA Digital Platinum award

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Animation Studio win AVA Digital Platinum award

AVA Digital Animation Award Winners

You know when some years start the right way?

Well so far 2020 has seen Stormy Studio feature in a world-renowned newspaper, and now we are the winner of an AVA Digital animation award. A Platinum award no less!!

We have won the highest accolade in the Motion Graphics Explanation category.

The animation was produced for Bristol Energy to convey key messages to their customers and to highlight the company's positive stance on renewable energy.

AVA Digital 'doff their hats' to creative professionals who are instrumental in the conception, design and creation of media that contributes to the evolution of digital communication.

Their fields of interest range from audio and video to websites and social media that present engaging forms of media such as animation, motion graphics, video, blogs and podcasts.

The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals sponsor and judge AVA digital.

This international organisation looks for talent exceeding a high standard of excellence and whose work serves as a benchmark for the industry.

It's always nice when your work is noticed. Now to make some space in our hardworking and artistically acclaimed studio for our AVA statuette - it looks a bit like an oscar:)

Sward winning animation studio - UK - AVA Digital award

Ta-dah - here is the winning animation. 

The Bristol Energy pinks and purples leant itself really well to developing a unique aesthetic and bringing the Bristol city animation, house and wider landscape to life

If interested in our explainer animation videos or indeed any of our productions, please get in touch with our Award winning animation company here.

Stormy Studio - AVA Digital Platinum award winning animation

Stormy Studio

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