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UK animation company showreel
At Stormy Studio we honestly believe every business product, service, website and presentation would benefit greatly from a drop of video marketing magic. For this little article I'm of course referring to the marketing magic achievable when the perfectly conceived creative, narrative and aesthetic are combined into a beautifully produced video. *Below is our showreel for 2016, with exclusive clips from client video releases due later this  year. Arriving at this 'magic' isn't always obvious and a discussion process to understand the needs of a business and its target market are essential. A skilled creative director should be able to throw original video marketing ideas into the ring backed up by their own understanding of a wide number of media disciplines. Everything from illustration, photography, traditional 2D animation, 3D digital animation, filming techniques, graphic design, visual FX, storytelling, Cinema and TV both old and new, social media video marketing opportunities, web design and how to communicate with a client in a relaxed but constructive way  all come into play.

*Below is our latest animation and film showreel. Showing the wide range of high quality productions we've worked on for SME's and FTSE 10 companies in the UK and internationally.

A skilled creative director should be able to throw original ideas into the ring backed up by their own understanding of a wide number of media disciplinesJon Draper - Creative Director at Stormy Studio
The perfect video should:
  1. • Engage an audience from the get go
  2. • Be no longer than the subject deserves or needs to be.
  3. • Use clear language to enhance marketing messages and allow the audience to build a relationship with the brand.
  4. • Build brand awareness and raise the perceived value of products and services.
  5. • Deliver aesthetics that compliment the message, whether it's a modern digital enterprise or a trust worthy approachable construction company.
  6. • Work alongside current design approaches within the business.
  7. • Provide multiple opportunities for long and short form video edits for screening at events, websites and sharing on social media sites.
  8. • Be provided in a modern web ready HD or 4k video format.
Of course we're perhaps a little biased as our animation and film studio specialise in crafting bottles of this video marketing magic for you to use on your latest and greatest projects using the medium of animated and filmed video. I hope this brief look at what helps bring a little video marketing magic to your business has been of interest. If you'd like to see what we're up to at our bespoke studio by the sea in Plymouth please head over to our site at Also check out our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages to see what we're up to on the various social media sites of the world and see how we make use of still images and video marketing content.
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