Jon Draper

An English Voiceover Artist in Devon

At Stormy Studio we're incredibly lucky to have an excellent well spoken English voiceover artist in Devon and in house. Jon Draper is not only our highly skilled Creative Director but also our go to male English voiceover artist in Devon. Whilst he may never have intended to get involved as a well spoken English voiceover artist he soon found himself at the mic. Initially he simply recorded temporary voiceovers for the team to animate to draft scripts. We'd then normally offer our clients a list of professional voiceover artists (Male, Female, English and American) with audio samples from our pre-selected pool of talent to choose from. This is something we still offer on all projects today as we always want the best suited voiceover for our clients projects.

I can't believe we managed to get Jack Whitehall to do the voiceover for our videoSaid no body... ever... yet...

It soon became clear that a lot of clients were very happy with Jons posh English voiceover delivery.  As he's located in house he's always on hand to make any quick changes and is happy to record the full script a number of times as a project matures and the perfect enunciation can be found for particular words. It's been joked about in the studio that he could easily double for Jack Whitehall which gives a good indication of his voice style. So if anyone out these is looking for a Jack Whitehall voiceover double or sound alike please get in touch. In reality Jon is fantastic at finding a good balance between engaging delivery that can move from serous messaging to light hearted moments effortlessly. Something which he does particularly well in a video for Age Awareness in Torbay (video here). To date Jon has provided the final English voiceovers for a large range of UK and international brands. .

English Voiceover Artist in Devon Samples

To date Jon Draper has provided the draft and final English voiceovers for a large host of video projects.
This includes being the selected English Voiceover Artist in Devon for the below clients:

character animation work voiceover example

Character Work

Relaxed but clear script delivery for character work. Be it for radio productions, TV ads or unique corporate explainers

HSE animation with clear voiceover

Lighthearted & Clear

Professional messaging with a light hearted tone.

Corporate voiceover example


Crisp, clear and well paced voiceover delivery is the perfect fit for your corporate production.

Voiceover Price

Pricing starts from £350.00. (for up to 2 minutes of script.)

It then varies depending on the length and usage.

Basic Terms & Conditions
Any small script changes (i.e. 1 or 2 words) can be recorded if needed without any extra fee.
Significant script changes would require a further recording fee.
Requests for different pronunciation of particular words would be included without incurring any extra fee.

Need an English Voiceover today?

If you'd like to check Jon Drapers availability please get in touch.


Monday – Friday 9.30am – 5.30pm

Saturday May be available last minute

Sunday May be available last minute


Studio No. +44 (0)1752 403540

Mobile No. +44 (0)7920 042646

Email [email protected]