Small Business Videos. What can make them great

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What makes for great small business videos?

Making effective small business videos is now a common marketing exercise carried out by businesses around the world.

Where ever you intend on displaying your business videos. Standing out from the competition, engaging an audience and depicting your brand with style is key.


We put our own ideas into practice

Our UK animation studio spent an afternoon filming and editing a short animation studio promo of our very own.  To promote our own core service, producing small business videos for companies. Whether that be for established global brands, or exciting smaller businesses.

In our own video we highlight some of the talented individuals behind our award winning animation studio.

Decide on the goals of your business video

Before you begin to start work on your own video it's important to identify the main goal or goals for your small business video. Ideally decide on one key goal with one or two secondary aims.

For instance, with our studios new promo, our main goal was to get viewers to visit our website and tryout our unique animation ballpark pricing tool.

Whilst our secondary goals would be to increase brand awareness of our award-winning animation studio, add a few more subscribers to our growing Youtube channel, and ultimately generate more business animation enquiries.

Filming small business videos

Filming our animation team

Our brave team of animators and production staff bravely stepped up to the plate and put themselves of 'that' side of the camera.

It was great to be able to make use of our own professional film and lighting kit for small business videos of our very own. Plus showcase a few clips from our portfolio of animated videos for business.

Whilst our focus at Stormy Studio is animation, we love filming projects too. It's also great for the team to mix it up creative disciplines and let new ideas grow.

Small business videos benefit from a planned creative.

We whole heartedly believe that to really stand out in a competitive market, small business videos need a unique creative idea. 

It does'nt have to be entirely off the wall, or involve a large budget... but.. it will give you a core idea to align your business message to.

Something that ensure your video feels complete. So no matter the medium, a voiceover script, filmed speaker or animated text. It will feel like a cohesive piece of content.

For our own video, that core creative idea was the 'I help...' line used to introduce each member of the team and allow us to highlight the help we can provide to businesses through the production of animated (or filmed) small business videos.

Develop a creative for your small business videos

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