Animation Studio win 2020 AVA Digital Platinum award

how to find the right video animation company for your business

AVA Digital Animation Award WinnersYou know when some years start the right way? Well so far 2020 has seen Stormy Studio feature in a world-renowned newspaper, and now we are the winner of an AVA Digital animation award. A Platinum award no less!! We have won the highest accolade in the Motion Graphics Explanation category. The animation was produced for … Read More

100 Animated Explainer Video Examples

Animated explainer video examples

100 Animated Explainer Video ExamplesSo, let’s just jump straight to it… here’s are collated selection of 100 animated explainer video examples. (*Well… it’s not quit 100 yet.. but we’re still adding to it…) We’ve selected those that show creative excellence, stunning design and originality whilst explaining a business subject, product or service clearly and effectively. Finding a balance between engagement … Read More