Adding Animation to a filmed marketing video

The benefits animation can bring to a marketing video

So many companies are now making marketing videos that it can be quite difficult to make something that is truly original and eye-catching. Due to the rise in popularity of YouTube and video on business websites more and more business are increasing their online video presence, so there is constantly a lot of competition to deal with in order to make a video that is appealing and is viewed by a lot of people.

Thankfully, due to businesses like Stormy Studio, businesses are adding animation to their videos so then they are able to create something that is totally unique and is appealing to people who want to see something fresh and more engaging. Here are just some of the benefits adding animated video in a marketing video and how that can effect your business.

business animation is practical

Animation Is Practical

There will be times when you have such high hopes and ideas for a marketing video that are ultimately left disappointed with the end result. There is nothing wrong with having big and imaginative ideas for a marketing video, so you should not feel bad for not being able to achieve them. In most cases however, you can create something you want simply by adding animation of any form.

It is a rather simple solution when you think about it, but it’s not always one that leaps to the mind of many businesses. This is what makes it such a marketable idea. Not every business is using it to fix practical problems with their videos.

business animation is cost effective

Animation Is Cost Effective

Say for example you are making a marketing video for a car repair company. You may want to have a dramatic collision in your video to really grab your audience’s attention. While this is certainly not a bad idea, it does sound like one that will be very expensive indeed. This is where adding animation can really come to the rescue. If you were to hire a company to create a car crash animation, it will be considerably less expensive that actually filming and staging a car crash yourself.

Adding animation should generally always be considered whenever something is too expensive to actually film in camera. It is a great way of still getting the emotive or eye-catching image you want without having to break the bank in the process.

animation is better than powerpoint presentation

Animation Is Better Than A Presentation

Many businesses are still using Powerpoint presentations as a way of reaching out to current and potential clients are seen as being old-fashioned. Presentations have now evolved and have effectively become marketing videos that are posted on YouTube for everyone to access. If you think that this kind of video would be appropriate for your business, then you should by all means pursue it as a viable option.

If you are making a presentation in your marketing video, then you will be able to use animation in order to make it more appealing. All you will need after this is someone with a good voice in order to do the voice over and you will have a marketing video that can really impress. Do a little research first and see how similar businesses use animation in video presentations so then can see if your ideas are on the right track. When it’s done properly, a video presentation on YouTube can have a considerably better impact than a regular marketing video.

Check out Stormy Studios corporate video portfolio above to see the sort of highly polished business videos that can be produced for reasonable budgets by UK based corporate video production companies.


aniamted business video is great for SEO

Animation Is Great For Your Business Website SEO

When you make a marketing video, you want it to be shared by its viewers on social media. In order to encourage them to do this, you will need to make a video that is visually appealing and is able to create a positive image. Adding animation is a really great way of achieving that. If you have visually appealing animations in your marketing video, then it will have a better chance of being shared on social media. This will then increase the amount of people using the backlink on the video which will in turn improve your search engine ranking. Remember though, if you have specific key words like ‘motion graphics London or ‘South West animators’ then make sure you include them in your video description so then people looking on Google will be able to find your video.

corporate animation adds a  little magic

Animation Is Fun!

Animation in a video can bring a great deal of fun and a little magic which can be quite a big deal. If you are able to make a video that is fun and engaging, then it can really give the personality and reputation of your business a real shot in the arm. Who knows, it may even lead to the video going viral as well. If you really want to show the lighter side of your business, then adding animation to your filmed marketing video can certainly go a long way to achieving that.