Find An Animation Company For Your Business

Find an animation studio for your business

How to find an animation studioFinding an animation studio for your businessJon Draper – ANIMATOR & CREATIVE DIRECTORThis article explains how you can effectively research and find an animation company for your business video project. Stormy Studio is a leading business animation studio in the UK.Share the article:How to find an animation company for your business video projectsA brief guide … Read More

BMPCC test shots

BMPCC test shots on the beach

The newest addition to our video production and animation studio turned up yesterday to much excitement. It’s a beautiful Pocket Cinema Camera from Black Magic. Also referred to as a BMPCC. As we’ve found ourselves needing to shoot more and more video footage for corporate video productions it made sense to update our own equipment. The stunning footage it can … Read More

Adding Animation to a filmed marketing video

The benefits animation can bring to a marketing video

So many companies are now making marketing videos that it can be quite difficult to make something that is truly original and eye-catching. Due to the rise in popularity of YouTube and video on business websites more and more business are increasing their online video presence, so there is constantly a lot of competition to deal with in order to make … Read More

How to find and commission a corporate video production company

How to find and commsion a corporate video production comany?

While it is a big part of the process, having a beautiful looking corporate video is only a small fraction of what makes a corporate video work. While you may have found a company that is able to film everything in HD with the best digital cameras, they could still end up making a corporate video that is boring and … Read More

Write An Business Animation Brief – Easy PDF Template

Writing an animation brief, with PDF template

Commission business animation productionHow to write an animation brief+ Free Animation Brief PDF CreatorJon Draper – CREATIVE DIRECTORThis article explains how to write an animation project brief for your business in minutes. Ready for you to create and share a PDF and contact animation studios to get quotes and commission animated video projects. Create a downloadable PDF to share with … Read More

How Animated Explainer Videos Can Generate Leads

How animated explainer videos can generate leads

When you are making an instruction video, it’s hard to know what can really set your apart from your competitors. You want to do something original but you are afraid that if you go too far your instructional video will be too difficult to follow and then you will be stuck in the mud. Fortunately, thanks to companies like Stormy … Read More