Top tips on writing an animation project proposal

top tips on writing an animation project proposal

Top tips on writing an animation project proposal

Plus free proposal template download

Writing an animation project proposal may feel like an insignificant step on the road to creating your fab and engaging video. But it can mean the difference between a good production and an outstanding one.

When working with companies like Stormy Studio, It's essential for them to fully understand what you want so you are both 'singing from the same hymn sheet' when it comes to the main objective. This way, you will get what you've asked for.

Spending that little extra time at this stage could save you time and money further down the line.

This article aims to aid you in your quest and will help you form a comprehensive animation project proposal template. The plan is to give you the tools to tap into the thoughts and visions in your head, help you to get them down on to paper and throw in a few extra ingredients for good measure!

Plus at the end, we provide a free downloadable animation project proposal template for download.

free animation proposal template
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Who's watching?

Let's start by getting a clear indication of who your audience will be and why they are watching.

  • What is the general demographics of your viewers?
  • Will they be of varying age groups?
  • Will some viewers be more knowledgable than others about your subject?
  • Are viewers captive, or will you need to harness attention?
  • Will the video be watched in a professional situation?
  • Are the viewer's other businesses, or are you targeting consumers?

Possibly the most crucial aspect of making any corporate video is to consider your audience. Be clear not only in your mind but also in detailing your audience to your producer.

Appeal is the key to speaking to your audience directly. Point out if you want your video to target customers or other businesses and what type of message you want to convey. There's no such thing as 'too much' info about your audience so a thorough appraisal is worth it in the interim.

Action please!

You've produced a masterpiece, but if you don't make it clear what you want your viewers to do afterwards, you've missed your golden opportunity. What do you want your audience to take away from the video?

To coin a phrase from the marketing world - what is your CTA (call to action)?

Whether you want the viewers to administer more care in the work place as part of health and safety training or to sign up to your newsletters as part of a marketing campaign, be as clear as day so the purpose of the video doesn't get lost.

Animation project proposal action

Tell a story

In animation and film-making the structure of the production takes on a story-like quality. Yep, you'll need a beginning, middle and end planned, without it there won't be a structure.

Don't panic, I'm not talking Romeo & Juliet-esque! There is always a way to make this work for your video irrespective of length or message.

This doesn't mean there has to be masses of detail. To make it more relevant from a business point of view you could consider what the problem is that your company can solve, how you can solve it and why you're the business to do it.

Sneak a peak at your competitors

Checking out the opposition may only be relevant if you are making a marketing video. Still, it can help to see what others are creating. Who are your competitors, and what material are they using?

Ask yourself what stands out to you? What do you like? Equally, what do you dislike?

Informing your production company of similar projects or examples of what you would like to achieve will highlight what they are up against and give an idea of the arena you are pitching in. Help them, help you.

For a quick start have a browse over at YouTube and help your animation project proposal deliver real return on investment.

Animation project proposal - Your style

Don't hold back with this one - time to get creative. Animation is such an immersive art because it can hook people in, take them on a journey and tap into their emotions.

Think big with your style. Again, look for inspiration in other works - do you like simple rounded design with colours that look great together? Or do you want something simple, modern and sharp with live footage included? There are lots of possibilities here, so try and get an image of how you want it to look.

Research tells us that 90% of first impressions can be based on colour alone - in fact, colours are one of the most powerful tools in creating your brand awareness. Clever use of it will mean that your audience will draw parallels with your company, recognise you and remember you.

What style? Animation project proposal

What is your animation project proposal objective?

From a marketing perspective, your main objective will be to attract new clients or customers. However, it may be that you want to launch a new campaign to existing clients or to renew their interest in you perhaps.

Explainer or educational videos could be considered in a slightly different way as they may be more complex and longer in length. Your aim here may be to deliver the instructions clearly and concisely as possible without making the video too lengthy or mundane.

Whatever its purpose, your video will need to be memorable and engaging.

Budget and timescale

If you have a date which your animation or film needs to be ready by then scheduling should be high on your list of priorities. In terms of budget, your production company will want to know how much you are willing to spend. Neither party want money to be wasted nor do they want to suggest something you cannot afford, so you should have a clear idea of your budget when planning talks begin.

Communicate as regularly as possible with your producer. They will need information following on from your animation project proposal so it's worth preparing a timeline to share with them, ensuring you both work to the same deadline. There may be things that you want to be changed, so make allowance time for amendments and tweaks. Here are some trigger questions:

  • Do you need a voice-over artist?
  • Are you writing your script or do you want your producer to take this on?
  • Are your timings vs project size realistic?


How do you want to be perceived?

Some businesses like to ensure their corporate videos appear official and may be nervous about showing emotion, preferring to present themselves in a more formal light. While this approach maintains a professional image, it risks coming over as lacklustre and a bit soul-less.

People relate to emotion because it is real and present. While there's no need to resort your audience to tears, there are ways to introduce some humour and authenticity to spice up the viewing experience. This way, your video will stay with people.

Aim to make yourself relatable, trustworthy and distinguished. Create an identity for your brand and keep consistent with it. This way, people will be confident that you are what you say you are.

To sum up!

Spend time thinking about your finished product and use the questions in this article to help you through the process. You'll likely end up with a comprehensive animation project proposal to hand to your animator and film-maker.

Don't stress if you don't have all your ducks in a row; your producer will have some fab ideas in mind and will also be able to point you towards some inspiration if needed. Head over to Stormy Studio or check out our vid below to get some inspiration from some of our recent cuts.

If you're sorted for ideas and ready to get them jotted down complete the below form and we'll email over our handy animation project proposal right away.

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