Animation Studio Showreel

Professional UK animation studio showreel, made up of a wide range of 2D & 3D motion graphic, character animation and mixed media film productions.

We explore some of our UK animation showreel highlights below…

UK Animation Studio Showreel Ident

Animated ident

We created this bespoke animated ident our studio video releases. Mixing some 3D depth and camera moves and crisp 2D motion graphics. Plus we used some filmed dust particles mixed in for added visual effect.

Animated Typography

We created a 1.5 and 3 minute animation driven by a fantastic script for Torbay Age Awareness. It featured dynamic kinetic typography, strong imagery and an excellent colour palette.

See the video in full here…

animated typography video
Digital animation using Plexus

Digital Service Explainer Video

This unique business animation was created for Digitonic to promote their new digital App revenue service. It died crisp 2D motion graphics with 3D model, intricate digital FX and some motion tracking.

See the video in full here…

Animated Health & Safety Videos

Created for UK Power Networks

Stormy Studio were commissioned to create a series of 2D character animations to highlight the risks of health and safety. Each video turned out particularly well and could easily find a place in our UK animation studio showreel.

See the video series in full here…

Animated Health & Safety Video
South Park style animation for business explainer.

2D Character Animation

A clip from the pilot episode for a business animated soap opera we’re producing.

See some sections from the video here…

Beautifully Filmed video with hand drawn animation

Created for Weatherhead

Stormy Studio developed the created, filmed and created the animation for this stunning TV advert. To find out more please get in touch with the studio today.

Filmed advert for Weatherhead
3D business animation clip from UK animation studio showreel.

3D Animated Explainer

Created for Printscape Solutions in the U.S.

This clip shows a stylised representation of a industrial screen printing machine coming together. The video mixed 3D models, animated 3D visual FX and 2D motion graphics.

See the video in full here…

Visit Dartmoor Adverts

Created for Visit Dartmoor

Stormy Studio produced a number of filmed videos for Visit Dartmoor. Filmed with our favourite cameras these impromptu video shoots have a real authenticity that showcase the real heart of Dartmoor.

See the video in full here…

UK Animation Studio Showreel, Filming on Dartmoor

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