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As its the weekend and I’ve got a spare few minutes I thought I’d quickly write an updated overview of our business as well as share a link to a site we now have a new business profile up on.

Stormy Studio are an award winning animation & video production company in South West England, Plymouth, Devon working with businesses across the UK & overseas.

We’re able to work via email, Skype and phones with you no matter what county or country you’re in. The county of Cornwall is just 20 minutes away over Saltash bridge and we’re always willing to travel in order to meet clients and generate new business contacts and win some exciting animated or filmed work.

We specialise in delivering high quality creative business videos as well as animated idents, conference videos & everything in between.

We’re always working to be able to offer the most competitive pricing along with the latest design, film and animation services. We achieve this by keeping our overheads low and working with a refined production process.,

We take a professional, honest and friendly approach to project management to ensure both our clients and our own team enjoy the production process from start to finish. It genuinely makes for a great working atmosphere and hopefully generate some great working business relationships.

As mentioned about here’s a link to a new website we’re now a member of. So for anyone who stumbles across whilst googling business video, or video for my business please make sure you check out our great profile page and get in touch.
Here’s the link.

Thanks for checking out this latest blog entry, be sure to check out our showreel on the front of our site, the evolving portfolio pages and of course to see what we’re up to or thinking throughout the day head over to our Facebook page for an insight into the minds of a studio delivering Video Production Plymouth.