Animation projects, simplified with our online tools

Animation Projects simplified with 6 online tools

6 things to make animation projects more efficient for our clients and our production team.

We really hate our clients and we hate our staff wasting all their valuable time across a wide area of the animation projects process. (*we like both our clients and staff of course... most of the time 🙂

It's for this reason that we've put the following 6 online tools into place. Each one saves our clients time whislt making the process of aniamtion production easier throughout. From the initial animation research, typically conducted online, through the animation brief and quoting process on to the actual animated video production process.

All in, we beleive our tools save days of work for our clients and our own studio team of writers, illustrators, digital designers, animators and editors.

In the below video we highlight the 6 tools we now have in place.

Animation Production Knowledge Base

Our studio have created an online knowledge base, soon to be chock full of useful tips and answrrs to general questions by current and future clients.

Th knowledge base can be searched from any page on our site using the chat widget in the bottom right.

Or visited via our main menu bar.

By going to 'INSIGHTS' and 'KNOWLEDGE BASE'. Or you can simply click here.

(*It's new and we're still adding to it)

Animation knowledge base

Animation Projects Instant Cost tool

Our unique aniamtion cost tool, allows those considering an animation production for their business to quickly get a rough idea of the costs involved.

This saves both potential clients and our production team time. 

Then when ready, someone looking to get a bespoke quote tailoed to thier project needs can get in touch.

Visit the animation projects pricing tool here.

animation projects cost and pricing

Video Marketing Stats

Our animation studios video and animation surveys allow us to provide useful marketing stats to aid planning and competitor analysis.

These can be used to help inform business plans and make a well reasoned argument  for investing in a professional animation project.

Check out our recent animation and video marketing stats here.

animation projects cost and pricing

Animation Proposal & Script Templates

Sign up to our helpful marketing emails and receive handy documents, tips and templates over a few days.

The first of these includes our animation brief writing template and the second our business script writing template and tips.

Find out more here, and see the sign up form at the bottom.

Animation proposal and script templates

Quickly book a Zoom meeting

After making contact via our site, with an email or a call.

We'll send over an email regarding your enquriy along with a handy meetings link.

You can quickly pick from any of the available days and times and be sent a zoom link instantly.

With no more back and forth regarding availability, it saves both our clients and our animation produciton team lots of time.

Get in touch here.

Zoom meeting booker

Animation Projects Management Tool

We're very pleased to showcase our new animation projects management tool.

Newly released by our studio in 2020, this allows our in house and remote team, at all levels to communicate easily with our clients.

Files and messages can be shared securely. With easy to view calendars, tasks and video updates. 

You can still email too and it'll appear in the aniamtion projects discussions window.

Online animation project tool