Business Animation vs Filming – The advantages of each

Business animation vs filming

In our Business Animation 2020 Survey, we wanted to find out the benefits of business animation vs filming.

Filming live-action scenes can be used for more hard-hitting, emotional content. This is due to real people being involved in the video, usually, consumers will react better to real human faces. Albeit, filming can be costly and time-consuming. Due to collating actors, booking a studio and buying props this can see your money dwindle quite easy. Furthermore, due to the current climate of the pandemic, it is getting harder to bring people together to complete these projects.

Mixing animation with filmed footage
A scene mixing filmed footage with 2D illustrative animation that draws in as the camera moves closer to the subject.

Whereas, animation can be completed anytime without too much input from you. Of course, we feel it is important to be in regular conversation with our clients, yet we can achieve your goals by talking through email, online video calling or via the telephone.

Although we are advocates of both and recognise it can be great to mix them. (*We even have our own film studio). We were interested in finding out why our 50 respondents thought business animation trumped filming.

Business Animation vs Filming, our findings

The majority of the respondents (28%) said visual allure. They were subsequently followed by the ability to illustrate complex topics (23%), the ability to attract a wider audience (17%) and increased website/social media traffic (14%).

What are the benefits of business animation vs filming

Business animation has its advantages over business corporate filming including visual attractiveness, ability to illustrate complex topics and increased website/social media traffic. Nevertheless, at Stormy Studio we often mix motion graphics and animation with filmed footage. Yet, we were still interested in the impact that animation can have alone.

We are very proud of the animation we create, but also the live video we incorporate. This short video example showcases a few scenes from projects where we’ve integrated both 2D animation and filmed footage.
Business filming combined with animation
A well filmed talking head video, can be complimented with motion graphics and business animation to achieve a high quality and clear business explainer.

Our thoughts

From our Business animation 2020 survey, it is clear that animation has many perks over filming. Animation production is bespoke and will allow your wildest dreams to come true, dreams that cannot happen in reality. That’s why we believe respondents use animation for the visual allure. It will attract consumers as it can be something that they’ve never seen before.

Business animation - Showing the renewables district heating and cooling in action with motion graphics
Still from recent renewables business animation –

Business animation also allows you to explain difficult topics so that you reach a wider target audience. In our recent blog post ‘Animation For Business, 7 Reasons Why You Should Use It,’ we explain how animation can digest your information more easily. Nonetheless, in simple terms, pairing animation with voice over will demonstrate ideas that can’t necessarily be captured by film. This then makes the topic more accessible to a wider audience.

Finally, with social media being a significant means to advertise, you must stand out. Bespoke business animation will give you the upper hand over your competitors, as consumers will realise that you take your niche seriously. Take a look at

Thank you for reading our article on ‘business animation vs filming,’ if you would like more insight into our findings then go to our Business Animation 2020 Survey. We also have another in-depth article on the subject of animation vs live action here.