How Animated Explainer Videos Can Generate Leads

How animated explainer videos can generate leads

When you are making an instruction video, it’s hard to know what can really set your apart from your competitors. You want to do something original but you are afraid that if you go too far your instructional video will be too difficult to follow and then you will be stuck in the mud.

Fortunately, thanks to companies like Stormy Studio, there are ways in which you can animate your instruction video in order to increase your chances of getting some good leads. Here are some of the ways in which an animated instructional video is able to do that.

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Reach A Wider Audience

When you are making a regular instructional video, you are more than likely restricted to your chosen audience. There may be times when you are talking about a subject that has a broader appeal, but because of your business and the way it approaches instructional videos, you are unable to reach out to a wider base of clients.

Animation is a great way to branch out into other audiences without having to make any drastic changes. Eye-catching animation is simply more likely to get a positive reaction from a wider audience than anything else. This is particularly true if for the most part, you have simply been having talking heads and static images on screen. Once you start including animation, you will find people who have never shown an interest in your videos suddenly sitting with their attention completely on what you have to say. The more appealing you make your animation and the message that it conveys, the more likely you will come across some potential leads that could become clients in the very near future.

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Allow Your Brand To Expand

You brand is ultimately what makes your business what it is. Nothing is more identifiable than the brand of your business. In most cases, it is wildly different from that of your competitor. When you are addressing your brand, it is important that you do not take it for granted. It is a very valuable thing and is something that you should try and expand whenever the opportunity arises.

When you use animation in your instruction videos, it is a great way to put your brand right at the forefront of your video output. This means that while your video is growing in popularity and is reaching audiences that you have never been able to reach before, it is also spreading the word about your brand at the same time. Once your brand image is known throughout several demographics, it increases the chances of some of those people logging onto your website and becoming a potential new lead. Your brand is vital, so make sure that it is the first thing that people see when they look at your instruction videos.

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Get The Most Out Of YouTube

Many people forget that YouTube is great for SEO and lead generation purposes. Sure, people will be watching your video on a site that is not yours, but having an effective video increases the chances of them clicking through a link on that video straight to your site. They might even share the video, in which case it will increase the effectiveness of your backlink rating and thus improve your search engine ranking.

There is literally no downside to having your instructional videos on YouTube. When you are trying to increase the popularity of your brand, it is good to have your video on a popular website where it has the chance to be seen by a very wide audience. When you are putting videos on YouTube however, you will want to look your best. This is where animation can step in. When you want your videos to look great, then animation is a good way of achieving that. Also, as we have discussed, animation is a great way of reaching out to other audiences and expanding your brand. When you are posting your videos on YouTube, you have a golden opportunity to make that process a whole lot easier. Make sure that you do not take that for granted.

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Increase Your Social Media Content

Content marketers are constantly trying their best to find trending topics so then they can write content about them and then post them on social media. After that, they hope that more and more people will share their content and thus improve their chances of generating some leads. Videos are far more effective at doing this than regular written content. This is particularly true when it comes to the big social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

When you are making an instructional video, then having animation is a good way of increasing your social media coverage. People are more likely to find a video with animation engaging, so they are more likely to then share said video through their social media accounts. It may sound rather simplistic, but this is a really great way of generating some solid leads.