Online Security Animation – OTA Honor Roll

Jon Draper 2D Animation, Character Animation, Digital, Explainer Video, Health and safety, Title sequence

Working with the Online Trust Alliance (a part of the The Internet Society). The Stormy Studio team produced this bespoke online security animation to both highlight exactly what the annual OTA Honor Roll is, how they review and score business websites and finally the video presented annual honor roll results in a clear professional manner. Through a mix of unique … Read More

Flight Safety Video – CAA Approved

Jon Draper 2D Animation, Explainer Video, Health and safety

Flight Safety video

A Beautiful Helicopter Flight Safety Video, Fully CAA Approved For British International Helicopters, we were tasked with designing and animating a new 5-minute flight safety video that would replace a dated filmed version. It also ensures the content is up to date with the latest CAA approved flight safety video information. The video was to be viewed by a wide … Read More

3D Animated Safety Video – Stormy Studio

Jon Draper 3D Animation Productions, Character Animation, Explainer Video, Health and safety

3D animated safety video

Stormy Studio was approached by UK Power Networks to create a 3D animated safety video to highlight the importance of PPE safety equipment. We’ve produced a good number of animated videos for UK Power Networks over the years and we’re always looking for ways to help them deliver their buisness messages in engaging and effective ways. This engaging 3D animated … Read More

Weatherhead – Night at the Oscars – Safety Award Video

Jon Draper Branding, Digital, filming, Health and safety, Title sequence

safety video still

Weatherhead – Night At The Oscars – Safety Video Stormy Studio was approached by the Weatherhead Group to develop a number of unique creative ideas to highlight the multiple awards won by the UK Shop Designers in 2017. Whilst a number of awards were received by the company throughout the year, the 12th Rospa Safety Award was one they were … Read More