Financial Sector Animation – Moody’s Credit Ratings

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Financial Sector - Moodys Animation

Stormy Studio were approached by Moody’s Investor’s Service to produce a number of videos for the company. The first of these financial sector animation productions details Moody’s comprehensive credit ratings system. The video script and visuals needed to maintain a corporate brand image, whilst delivering complex information in a clear, concise and engaging manner. Using a minimalist animation style to … Read More

3D Animated Safety Video – Stormy Studio

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3D animated safety video

Stormy Studio was approached by UK Power Networks to create a 3D animated safety video to highlight the importance of PPE safety equipment. We’ve produced a good number of animated videos for UK Power Networks over the years and we’re always looking for ways to help them deliver their buisness messages in engaging and effective ways. This engaging 3D animated … Read More

3D Product Animation – Aggreko

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3D Product Animation

3D Animation Production Stormy Studio collaborated with a London video production company to develop this 3D animated product explainer video for Aggreko. The above video is just a short clip from the final 3-minute long video production. The video helps explain in a quick and clear way the advanced setup made available by Aggreko. It shows the building and arrangement … Read More

Low Poly 3D Animation – Energy Company

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Low Poly 3D Animation

Stormy Studio were commissioned by Regen SW (working on behalf of Energy companyWestern Power Distribution) to create a series of Low Poly 3D Animation. We had a number of conference calls and meetings in person going over a provided script and PowerPoint storyboard imagery. The Low Poly 3D Animation Brief… The videos each needed to explain how communities and businesses … Read More

Animated Event Opener – Blood Cells

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Animated event opener

Animated Event Opener Project If you’d like to discuss the production of your own animated event opener please get in touch today. *music changed from commercial track for web release. How was the animated event opener made? Working alongside another UK film company Stormy Studio produced this animated event opener video. The Stormy Studio team designed and delivered all of the 3D animated … Read More

Health and Safety Animation Driving Habits

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Health and safety animation

The Health and Safety Animation Brief: Stormy Studio were commissioned by UK Power Networks to create a series of health and safety animation. This is the 2nd of the video productions. We designed a short,  engaging and light hearted narrative with solid storyboard review process. This health and safety animation deals with the subject of habits and safe working practices. We … Read More

Digital animation – Servest

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Digital Animation

The Digital Animation Brief: Stormy Studio were commissioned to produce this professional digital animation to highlight the benefits of their Servest Navigator Development Programme. After liasing with our client it was decided that our studio would create a digital aniamtion with a consistant use of the brand colours with a modern digital style. The animated text and inconography are timed … Read More

Animated Corporate Explainer Video

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Animated Corporate Explainer

Stormy Studio created this professionally animated corporate explainer video for FTSE 100 company Intertek and their Global Supplier Management service. Creating an animated corporate explainer video: The full production process from script, creative concept, storyboard, asset design and animation were all completed by our fantastic in house design team. The video both highlights the fantastic range of services available at but also gives some … Read More

Animated Corporate Video Promo

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Corporate Video Sting Kapow

This animated corporate video promo was designed and produced entirely by Stormy Studio to highly the benefits our videos can have on a businesses marketing strategy whilst showcasing the excellent in house talent we can bring to any animated or filmed project. It mixes a range of 2D and 3D visual styles to hopefully both explain our services whilst displaying … Read More

2D & 3D animated explainer video for U.S. data firm Levyx

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Image from the corporate video showing an Ad technology animated still

This video was created for Levyx to promote their cutting edge data ‘key value store’ solution that makes big data processing avaialbe to the masses. We mixed elements of 2D and 3D animation in the corporate video to explain how big data is used in the world today, plus explained the complex service and product that Levyx can deliver using motion … Read More

Animating 3D CAD files for promo

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3D CAD files animated

The above video shows a mouthguard model animated which for part of a larger video production. We converted provided CAD files designed for manufacture and converted so they could be used for animation. At Stormy Studio we have industry leading software backed up by the knowledge and skills to create 3D models from scratch or tidy up and texture supplied … Read More

3D Domino Extravaganza – For well known computer hardware & data firm

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3D aniamted boat for Hewlett Packard

A video showing an edited down version of  the H.P. Extreme Testing video. Made to highlight the extreme tests Hewlett Packard put their tape storage media through. We animated over 250,000 cartridges tumbling. They start by falling off of an office desk, tumble up a hill which represents Alaska, then on the back of a bike down to Chile, across the Sahara, … Read More