Financial Sector Animation – Moody’s Credit Ratings

Jon Draper 2D Animation, 3D Animation Productions, Branding, Digital, Explainer Video

Financial Sector - Moodys Animation

Stormy Studio were approached by Moody’s Investor’s Service to produce a number of videos for the company. The first of these financial sector animation productions details Moody’s comprehensive credit ratings system. The video script and visuals needed to maintain a corporate brand image, whilst delivering complex information in a clear, concise and engaging manner. Using a minimalist animation style to … Read More

Digital Animation – MANRS – Internet Security

Jon Draper

Digital Animation

Stormy Studio were commissioned by the ‘Internet Society’ to produce an engaging digital animation for MANRS. The aim of the video is to increase the security and smooth running of the worlds internet. By highlighting the internet security practices that can be implemented by global organisations. We started with a couple of online conference calls with our US client discussing … Read More