Find An Animation Company For Your Business

Find an animation studio for your business

How to find an animation studio

Finding an animation studio for your business


This article explains how you can effectively research and find an animation company for your business video project. Stormy Studio is a leading business animation studio in the UK.

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How to find an animation company for your business video projects

A brief guide on how to find animation studios for business videos

  1. 1
    Think about the type of animation you need and why? (2D, 3D, stylised, technical, serious, funny etc.) .

  2. 2
    Search online with some keywords detailing the sort of animation you need

  3. 3
    Review the animation studios showreels and portfolio on their website

  1. 4
    Make a short list of those that match the style, quality suited to your business and brand

  2. 5
    Write a short brief and contact the studios to get the ball rolling

(Learn how to commission animation here, and write a brief here.)
Creative Animators Directory

Animator & Animation Studio Directory

We're creating an online directory to help you find individual creatives or full studios to work on your project.

You can also contact Stormy Studio to manage your project and we can select creatives from the directory and handle production.

Find out more about the new creative directory here.

Time to find an animation studio

If you've decided to jump into the world of animation to help you in the corporate world, you'll need some help finding a video animation company for your business.

Animated explainer videos are increasing and fast becoming a popular video marketing strategy for most business startups. Animation can be short, simple, and engaging. Broadening brand awareness and increasing overall sales by telling the company story or explaining products and services with style and clarity.

Since there are no second chances to make an excellent first impression in marketing, finding the best video animation company for your business is essential. Technical video animation is not an easy task. However, the vast array of animation companies and freelancers makes it confusing for interested clients to find the best.

Be sure to check the portfolio of your chosen production studio. A thorough perusal of the various projects a studio has created will give you a clear idea of the standard of work they are capable of turning out. When checking the portfolio, try to consider the following questions;

  • Does the studio’s previous work fit your brand needs?
  • Do you like the stories accompanying their previous work?
  • What is the quality of the animation like?
  • Are the videos visually appealing?
  • Is the audio clear and properly synchronized?
  • How about the quality of the voiceover?

Identify your goals and objectives

The majority of clients ignore the importance of identifying their goals and objectives. Before searching for a video animation company, think about what you want to accomplish. Potentially the best place to begin is identifying why you need video animation for your business.

Do you need it to keep up with other businesses using animations for marketing? Is it because animated videos are an easy way of reaching your target audience? Is it because you struggle to promote your brand on a shoestring budget? Regardless of the reason, it's essential to have clear goals for your campaign. Be clear on the message you want to deliver, and define potential opportunities and limitations. Furthermore, identify the intention or feeling that the video should provoke.

Establishing goals will help you make an informed decision about which video animation production company to work for. For instance, if you want to create a health and safety training video. Start with running a search with 'health and safety training company animation' this should provide you with an animator with experience in this field.

Understanding this will help you narrow the pool of production companies to search for and help you find the animation studio best suited to your project.

Reviewing an animation studios work:

To do some basic studio research and decide if they're a good fit for your project. It's as simple as using a search engine and visiting a company's website and checking out examples of their work.

Studios typically have a showreel showing various animated clips, a short collection of their latest and best work. Plus they'll have a portfolio showing the sort of work they specialise in and the process of production. Here we've shared our own business animation studio's recent animation showreel.

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The value of unique design

The digital landscape is continuously evolving with new and unique innovations ruling the animation space. To build your brand with intriguing digital content, you should ensure that you stand out from your competitors. To achieve this, engage the services of an animation company which makes original animations from scratch. Avoid companies that leverage stock illustrations that are readily available on the internet.

A unique explainer animation should feature both unique visual touch and style. Rolling out an exclusive video animation will help your customers identify with your product and services with ease. Likewise, distinctive graphics are not only engaging to customers but also attractive, especially when combined with high-end story ideas. A recipe that will produce fantastic motion graphics that your audience will undoubtedly love.

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That's a wrap

Hopefully, the steps and information shared on this page help answer the question 'How to find an animation studio for a business video'.

You may also benefit from reading our article on how to commission an animation as it covers the next stages of animation production for business.

Of course, please take a look at our own studio's work and pricing and if you think we'll be a good fit for your business animation, please get in touch.

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