3D Telecoms Animation For Aradatum

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3D explainer animation for US telecoms business

A unique 3D telecoms animation productionStormy Studio were commissioned to produce a stylish 3D telecoms animation for Aradatum. With the goal to clearly visualise the unique features of the self powered cell tower.Our creative team used a mix of stylised 3D environments and realistic 3D trees that could react and blow in the wind to enrich the overall visuals.Technical 3D … Read More

Animated 3D Technical Video – APT

Jon Draper 3D Animation Productions, Digital, Explainer Video, Product Promo

APT Animated 3D Technical Video

IT Racking – Animated 3D Technical VideoStormy Studio were asked to produced a 2 minute 3d animated 3D technical video for APT (Advanced Power Technology). Our creative team used a mix of stylised low poly environments, near photo real 3D product animation and 2D motion graphics. Delivering engaging visuals clearly explained APT business IT products and services.Technical 3D scene animationIn … Read More

Bristol Animation • Smart Meters explainer for Bristol Energy

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Bristol Animation Company Video

Stormy Studio were commissioned to produce a series of engaging Bristol animation for Bristol Energy. Through the use of a concise script and engaging visuals that tied in with the companies branding we were able to explain key messages to their current and potential future customers. The animated videos highlighted the companies positive stance on renewable energy, their latest smart … Read More

MyInvite – Animated Ads

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Animated App ads collated image

MyInvite, 6 x Animated Adverts Stormy Studio were approached to create the first in a potential series of animated videos to promote a new events App called MyInvite. We spent time developing a lead character that could be used throughout a series of videos. Working within ProCreate on an iPad Pro allowed for very quick turn around of character concepts. … Read More

3D Product Animation – Aggreko

Jon Draper 3D Animation Productions, Digital, Explainer Video, Product Promo

3D Product Animation

3D Animation Production Stormy Studio collaborated with a London video production company to develop this 3D animated product explainer video for Aggreko. The above video is just a short clip from the final 3-minute long video production. The video helps explain in a quick and clear way the advanced setup made available by Aggreko. It shows the building and arrangement … Read More

Low Poly 3D Animation – Energy Company

Jon Draper 2D Animation, 3D Animation Productions, Branding, Digital, Explainer Video, Product Promo

Low Poly 3D Animation

Stormy Studio were commissioned by Regen SW (working on behalf of Energy companyWestern Power Distribution) to create a series of Low Poly 3D Animation. We had a number of conference calls and meetings in person going over a provided script and PowerPoint storyboard imagery. The Low Poly 3D Animation Brief… The videos each needed to explain how communities and businesses … Read More

Technology Promo Video – Plastics Colouring

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technology promo video

Technology Promo Video Project We created this dynamic technology promo video for a new plastics manufacturing technology. Based in the U.S. Printscape Solutions wanted a video to screen at an industry conference in London. The video would later be shown online, to help secure funding to further to develop the technology. To develop a script the team at Stormy Studio read up on some … Read More

Animated Event Opener – Blood Cells

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Animated event opener

Animated Event Opener Project If you’d like to discuss the production of your own animated event opener please get in touch today. *music changed from commercial track for web release. How was the animated event opener made? Working alongside another UK film company Stormy Studio produced this animated event opener video. The Stormy Studio team designed and delivered all of the 3D animated … Read More

Website Video Promo for Global Edge

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We created this crisp animated website video promo for Global Edge. A new online legal information website from Squire Patton Boggs law firm. The website video promo mixes both stylised character designs and motion graphics with screen captures of the site running on computer screens, mobiles and tablets. Creating the animated website video promo We worked with our client to produce … Read More

EMEA Video Production – Vacation Promo

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Holiday Promo

A high quality EMEA Video production video edit mixing stunning sophisticated filmed video footage with motion graphics and visual effects to create a high end premium video showcasing the luxurious settings and action packed energy guaranteed on the clients vacation reward for its members. The EMEA Video production was made up of some fantastic slow mo and speed ramped footage … Read More

Animated Corporate Video Promo

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Corporate Video Sting Kapow

This animated corporate video promo was designed and produced entirely by Stormy Studio to highly the benefits our videos can have on a businesses marketing strategy whilst showcasing the excellent in house talent we can bring to any animated or filmed project. It mixes a range of 2D and 3D visual styles to hopefully both explain our services whilst displaying … Read More

2D & 3D animated explainer video for U.S. data firm Levyx

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Image from the corporate video showing an Ad technology animated still

This video was created for Levyx to promote their cutting edge data ‘key value store’ solution that makes big data processing avaialbe to the masses. We mixed elements of 2D and 3D animation in the corporate video to explain how big data is used in the world today, plus explained the complex service and product that Levyx can deliver using motion … Read More

Animating 3D CAD files for promo

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3D CAD files animated

The above video shows a mouthguard model animated which for part of a larger video production. We converted provided CAD files designed for manufacture and converted so they could be used for animation. At Stormy Studio we have industry leading software backed up by the knowledge and skills to create 3D models from scratch or tidy up and texture supplied … Read More

Fun Animated App Promo

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2D animated app promo still. 2D stylised phone

This fun little animated App promo was created for a developer over in Florida, U.S. All the visual elements were created from scratch inside of Adobe Illustrator. The animation was created using Adobe After Effects. The smoke effect that accompanies the fireworks was created using 3rd party plugin Trapcode Particular.

3D Animation for Hewlett Packard

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3D aniamted boat for Hewlett Packard

A video showing an edited down version of  the H.P. Extreme Testing video. Made to highlight the extreme tests Hewlett Packard put their tape storage media through. We animated over 250,000 cartridges tumbling. They start by falling off of an office desk, tumble up a hill which represents Alaska, then on the back of a bike down to Chile, across the Sahara, … Read More