Quick start guide for the multiplayer tables in GameSalad

Here’s a quick breakdown of the new multiplayer tables, attributes, functions and behaviours in the GameSalad SDK. It’s all very new, confusing and exciting. I’ve read through the full early adopter documentation and put the below together a quick reference guide to help get my head around what does what. Exciting times…   Network Game Instances Table – Who, what and … Read More

Play testing the million dollar idea using Pass n Play

Evening world… I just thought I’d post and share what I’ve been up to recently… I’ve spent the past 8 or so weeks, brainstorming, and trying to perfect a game idea that’s been swimming around in my head for over a year. It’s an idea that I’m really keen to see come to life, partly cause it could be successful, … Read More

A new approach to game design, making use of Adobe After Effects.

I’ve recently been working on a new game project, ‘Project M’.  I’ve decided to step to the side of game programming for a while and tackle some of the visual design for the gameplay and menu system. Normally on a project : • I’ll do some rough sketches, • Create some images in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. • Import it all into GameSalad … Read More

How to adjust to working from home …

So I’ve been here working remotely from a spare room in our new house for a little while now (just around 6 to 7 weeks)… After the move to Devon in the UK, we’re settling into our new village life, my wife is slowly getting to know people, I’ve tried out the local pub quiz, taken up running (crawling), our … Read More

New • Free • Vertical & Horizontal Parallax Template For The GameSalad SDK

Afternoon world…. I’m pleased to announce another 100% Free template from www.StormyStudio.com A couple of days ago a fellow GameSalad user emailed us asking for some help with vertical parallax to go along with the more common horizontal parallax. So I created this little ‘Vertical & Horizontal Parallax Template’ . It’s all labelled up, and hopefully gives others something to … Read More

‘Crustacean Nation’ Game Promo for indie developer

We’ve just finished work producing a fun little promo video for indie game developer ‘Riffel Interactive Media’. The game promo was produced using Adobe After Effects and a mixture of 3rd party tools. We mixed supplied game footage with the 3D iphone 5 and created some animated sequences using the games main character ‘The Crab’. We hope that by using … Read More

Stormy Studio get’s all grown up – Here’s our first manifesto.

Stormy Studio is all set up as a Limited company in the UK. We’ve got a certificate and everything. To go along with the great feeling of knowing we’re now a company we’ve put together our very first manifesto. For the first year we’re keeping it nice and simple.  

a family, surf, animation and game design dream … PART 1

Good evening world… My name is Jon and I’m a professional animator, motion graphics designer and indie game developer who has/had a dream of living by the sea with my young family. The plan is to work on my own self funded projects along side my own clients animation and app projects. No bosses (other than the odd client) and … Read More

Our New Pro Universal Adventure Game Template

NEW UNIVERSAL ADVENTURE GAME TEMPLATE FROM STORMY STUDIO We’ve been busy at Stormy Studio towers producing a new universal game template for other developers to build on. It’s for use with the excellent game design software GameSalad (which is available for free, with a paid PRO version for added features). So if you’ve ever wanted to create your own adventure game, escape … Read More

How much does a marketing video cost to produce?

How much does a corporate promo video cost to produce? At first glance this could be seen as a ‘how long is a piece of string?’ question, but if you know what your after and can answer a few simple questions you’ll soon be able to find a cost for a professional promo video. We will give you an overview … Read More

How do I make a 3 to 5 minute promotional animation for a business service.

The goal of so many animations is to produce a 3 to 5 minute long animation that describes and promotes a businesses services. It’s worth working out early on what sort of visual style your after and checking with a production company that they can produce it at a cost your happy with. A professional video productions should be able … Read More

How to film professional corporate interviews at your office or studio

Filming a professional talking head interview at your office or studio A standard one camera video shoot can be organized very quickly by a producer at a video production company. A cameraman and audio technician (sound guy) will turn up with all the required kit (camera, tripod, lights, light stands, audio mixer, boom mic, radio mic (to pin on interviewee), … Read More

Cinema 4D is going to be integrated into after effects using cineware

The news that Cinema 4D is going to be integrated into the next release of Adobe After Effects is big news in the motion graphics, animation and visual effects industry. It surely has to be good news for both software packages and give the users of each piece of kit confidence that the software they use is innovating and set … Read More

Quake Builder GameSalad Template only £9.99

We’ve just added our itunes chart smashing game Quake Builder as a downloadable game template. So you download the project file and re-purpose the code to create your own game.  Re-use bits of clever scripting, and gameplay style, test it and submit it to Apple and watch the (potential) millions roll in. When we first released the game it made … Read More

Our Stormy Studio Blog is up and running.

Our Stormy Studio blog is up and running. Over time we will get into the habit of posting informative and hopefully entertaining things here, all to do with animation and video production. Please bear with us whilst we get up to speed with maintaining and updating the blog… we have high hopes for the website and the Stormy Studio business … Read More